Sturmanskie All Grey 31659 - A Military Pilot Timepiece

The Sturmanskie All Grey watch stands as a remarkable testament to the era when functionality and practicality were the prime considerations for military pilot timepieces. Released as the first version of the “new” Sturmanskie military pilot’s watch, this timepiece features a subdued gray dial, a hacking 31659 movement, and a departure from the previous 3133 Sturmanskie models with the absence of a crown and an internal bezel. Its historical significance lies in being believed to be exclusively issued to the military, unavailable for public purchase.

The watch was produced solely between the years 1986 and 1988, leaving a relatively small production window. The first design introduced with the All Grey featured a fully gray dial. The dial design was later revised, offering more white space ensuring better contrast for enhanced readability .

Sturmanskie All grey

Movement Caliber 31659 - The Heart of the Sturmanskie All Grey

At the heart of the Sturmanskie All Grey lies the caliber 31659 movement, a modification of the caliber 3133. One of the most noteworthy features of this timepiece is its hacking 31659 movement, making it an invaluable tool for military pilots and personnel alike. The “hacking” capability enables the movement to momentarily stop, allowing for synchronization with a trusted time source or with other watches, ensuring precise timekeeping in critical situations.

A glance at the watch’s balance bridge reveals a stamp reading “1-88,” indicating that the timepiece was produced during the first quarter of 1988. This timepiece, like other military-issued Sturmanskie models, boasts a robust and durable stainless steel case, crown, and pushers, built to withstand the demands of military service.

Legacy and Popularity Among Collectors

While the Sturmanskie All Grey was a military-issued timepiece, it has earned a special place among watch enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Its limited production run and military exclusivity add to its allure, making it highly sought-after in the horology community.

In conclusion, the Sturmanskie All Grey watch stands as a symbol of military precision and durability, carefully crafted to meet the demands of military pilots. Its subdued elegance, coupled with the hacking movement and stop second feature, sets it apart as a remarkable timepiece with historical significance. Today, collectors and enthusiasts cherish this rare gem, celebrating its unique design and military heritage, perpetuating the legacy of the Sturmanskie brand.